Love Boat is the inglorious party cruise from Herwood to Stockholm! Most likely you first heard about it when you were five and your daddy was telling stories about his Erasmus time in Finland - and yes it's true! He met your mom (and numerous other fine ladies) on that magical trip! Besides eating well, drinking better and dancing till the morning you also have a great opportunity to visit ever so beautiful Stockholm accompanied by your friends and probably the best hang-over in the ever!

And that's not all! We are joining the boat with all the Erasmus students from other Finnish cities. We are expecting about half a million students from different ESN sections to meet us on our way to Sweden! According to scientists this cooperation increases everybody's "getting busy" - expectation by 37%.

Since 2012 the cruise is organized by ESN Finland under the name "Pirates of the Baltic Sea". Just to cause more confusion, we kept the name Love Boat, as our beloved journey starts in the lovely morning gray of Hervanta and won't end before you can sing along to the the Love Boat Theme.

Trip includes

  • Bus rides Herwood-Helsinki-Herwood
  • All you can eat and drink buffee party on our way there
  • Cabin for 4 persons
  • Boat jail for those worthy of it
  • Guaranteed 'All Day, All Night, WTF" Party Time with your INTO Crew!
  • Free transportation to Stockholm downtown provided by your feet

It does sound tremendous, and it really is! Do not miss it!